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Insurance Hero: Facts and Benefits of Life Insurance

Why do I need a life insurance? Have you ever asked yourself this question? There are people who think that life insurance agents just aim to sell and earn commission, but for a smart individual, getting a life insurance is an important aspect of your very own financial plan. Life insurance is a source of financial aid to pay final expenses like funeral expenses because funeral services do not come cheap and they can cost thousands of dollars. Do you want your family to still be stressed with the expenses after your passing? Having a life insurance will make sure that your final funeral wishes are met, without your family getting more stressed and financially burdened.

Do you like to ensure your children’s future when you’re gone? As a parent, you want to provide quality education to your children and life insurance can cover your children’s educational expenses for you. Life insurance can replace a spouse’s income used to hire a cleaner or children’s carer. Life insurance can be used to pay off your debts so your family won’t have to sell your house just to stay solvent. A life insurance is like a partner in life or a form of business partnership, so if you die, your family will have enough cash to move on and live their lives, in the same way, they used to. It can be used to purchase the share of your business partner. We all know that estate taxes are complicated and steep, so it is important to have an insurance to pay them to prevent jeopardizing your funds and assets which are built for your retirement.

How much life insurance coverage do you need? It is best to buy a life insurance coverage that is high enough to replace your after-tax income that you would have earned when you have lived a full life. Take note that the life insurance premium should allow your spouse and children to still enjoy the lifestyle they are enjoying at the moment even after your passing. When it comes to life insurance, the two types of coverage include the whole or permanent life insurance and the term life insurance. When it comes to a whole life insurance, it ensures that the amount of your premium as you grow older does not increase, while providing the best death benefit for your family after your passing. Unlike whole life insurance, a term insurance may range from one to thirty years, and the annual premium may tend to increase every year.

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