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Understanding Messaging

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How to Choose an SMS Service Provider

A text message service company is a company that provides SMS platforms that subscribers can use to send text messages.For those who don’t know, an SMS reseller buys bulk SMS messages from wireless carries and this makes the cost of each text message lower. They then sell these text messages to customers at a higher cost.

So, they are not mobile network operators but companies that provide text messaging services. If you are looking for an SMS service provider, there a number of things you should keep in mind.


Cost is the first thing you should look at. Normally, SMS messaging providers are divided into two classes depending how much you are expected to dish out. The two categories include the credit based category and the SMS based category. credit based and SMS based.

In the credited based category, you will buy a number of credits from a gateway provider. In this category the amount you pay depends on the number of SMS you sent and your location. When it comes to the SMS based category, bulk text messages are bought and the cost of sending them, regardless of your location and the destination, remains the same.

As you calculate the cost, make sure you ask if there any hidden cost or fees. There are SMS providers out there that have hidden charges that you won’t find in their pricing pages.Most cheap SMS providers have extra charges that you won’t find on their pricing page.

Their Terms and conditions:

Does the SMS gateway service company have any terms and conditions? For instance, there are providers out there that have conditions that require you to purchase a particular number of SMS from them every month. If you operate a small business, choose an SMS company that allows you to buy the number of SMS messages you want without conditions.
When your business grows, you can then go ahead and buy more.

Shelf life:

There are some SMS providers that will tell you to ensure you sue up your credit within a certain period.After this the specified period is over, you can no longer use your SMS messages. These limitations are expensive and may bring your small business to its knees.


Be careful and ensure the provider you pick has a strong network coverage that will reach your targeted audience wherever they are. Don’t overlook network coverage. Fortunately, the leading messaging companies have reliable network infrastructure to ensure you don’t face any network-related challenges

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